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Thread: Oregon supervisor exam

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    Oregon supervisor exam

    Does anyone have any tips on passing the Oregon Supervisor's exam? I have to take mine in about three weeks.

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    Oregon's messed up

    To go along with the mysterious Oregon fudge factor....their website says you have 90 days to take the exam after approved. My letter of approval as well as the people I have spoke to at the state have said I have 60!! Of course one cannot speak to the person who wrote the letter!!! check out their site

    of course I know better than to raise a stink until I have successfully passed!! HaHa

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    Take a General Supervisior prep class.
    If you are using Mike Holt study DVD's ignore him every time he says "You will never have this on an exam" I found almost all of those situations on the Oregon general Supervisor exam.

    My understanding is the Oregon Supervisor test one of the hardest around for a variety of reasons. One being that the Oregon Supervisor has some electrical engineering authority. When the code says something can be done under "Engineering Supervision" it can be done by an Oergon General Supervising Electrician. (As long as the supervisor is installing the designed work)

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    Has studying been considered?
    Brian John
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    Yes, an Oregon Supervisor (MASTER) Electrician can design ANY electrical system without limitation and without obtaining any additional license as long as it is for a licensed electrical contractor that they are employed by or for themselves if they are a one man shop........It drives the Electrical Engineers in Oregon, insane..!!! In Oregon, a General Supervising Electrician's stamp is equal to an Electrical Engineer's stamp....with the exception that Engineers can design for 3rd parties.....

    The Engineers try and fail every 2 years when the legislature convenes to overturn this day I guess they will be sucessful.....
    Electrical Inspector / Electrical Contractor

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    Thumbs up Limited or General?

    If you Know the code book and OAR's the first part is Easy.
    Tongs, Battleship and rosebud general knowlage questions have gone away.

    Both now use Calculation in the second part.
    Most of my students get two calculations and get hung up on the motor feeder selections.

    Remember that you have the right to a Review if you fail. Use it!

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