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Thread: Kaic rating

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    Kaic rating

    Looking to find the kaic rating for a westinghouse switchgear built in 1970.
    3 Phase 60 hz. DT3
    Class AA VA300
    Serial# 700918 WT-1500
    Style v48m28t33c.

    Drawing # VI-700-707
    Supply 400amp
    sec. 1300 thru 1300 neutral 1300.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttravillian View Post
    Looking to find the kaic rating for a westinghouse switchgear built in 1970.
    KAIC is 1000 Amps Interrupting Capacity. It is a term used only for protective devices.

    For devices that do not interrupt current, like bus bars, panels, and switchboards the present terminology is SCCR, short circuit current rating, but back in the '70s the terms were bus bar bracing and withstand rating.

    Do you want to know about breakers or busing?
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    Jim's right, you have to define your terms better. AIC ratings are for protective devices, gear had bracing and withstand ratings. You will not be able to determine anything without data from the original engineering files. From my recollection of the 70s (faulty, because I killed most of those brain cells), IC ratings for breakers were not required to be shown on the breaker labels themselves until the early 80s.

    Did you try checking with Cutler Hammer? They bought the division of Westinghouse that made breakers and gear. If they don't have access to old data, Siemens Industrial Services bought out the old Westinghouse Services Group later on and I know for a fact that they have some of the old Westinghouse records. I have seen some of the old rotting drawings spread out on conference tables. They are technically a separate division from the rest of Siemens and work on anyone's gear. They will want a contract for their time of course, but they should be able to at least tell you if they have access to the drawings and data.

    Siemens Industrial Services

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