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Thread: filling up greenlee hydrolic hand punch

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    Ok the model I have is 767 I unscrewed the top poured in the fluid . nothing.. There is a screw inside that says bleeding . Try turing it in both directions . nothing . What am I doing wrong?

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    Wink pull the piston out and fill

    If i rememeber right---. Unscrew the cover off the end, ( be careful it might explode like a grease gun and splatter all over the place?) inside the cylinder there is a piston. Remove the external turn knob and bleeder plug located near the handle pivot(relieves the vacume lock). Look inside the cylinder remove the bleed screw on the piston, Use all-thread or wire to pull the piston out of the cylinder, be carefull not to scratch the walls. Fill the cylinder with HYD fluid(any brand will work -its not that complicated-). Re-insert the piston and internal bleed screw. Re-install the external turn screw and bleeder plug and bleed off the air.. Good-To-Go, untill another quart leaks out. The 767's are like old HARLEY DAVIDSON's ,If it don't leak oil-then its empty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 101010 View Post
    Ok the model I have is 767 I unscrewed the top poured in the fluid . nothing.. There is a screw inside that says bleeding . Try turing it in both directions . nothing . What am I doing wrong?
    remove the other end
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    Unscrew the knob that you use to let the pressure on and off of the knockout pump.
    Get hydraulic fluid in the quart bottle that has the spout on the end like an old ketchup bottle.
    Have your helper pump the handle while you hold the end of the bottle tight against the hole squirt the fluid in the hole. you will develop a rhythm, its a messy process but it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwire View Post
    So Greenlee uses custom made seals that disintegrate with the use of 'normal' hydraulic fluids? :grin:

    IMO it is a crock in order for Greenlee to sell high priced "Greenlee" fluid. If it was my own tool I would use almost any 10 weight petroleum product.
    i don't know that greenlee hydraulic fluid is much of a price difference from
    regular, or irregular hydraulic fluid, but the main thing is that you aren't using
    dot 3 BRAKE FLUID, which is what most of us will do, as you can get a pint
    anywhere, and it's cheap. mixing some types of hydraulic oil with brake fluid
    will form this gummy product that won't damage the seals, but it'll build up
    on them so they won't seal, and the thing will leak like a sieve.

    friend of mine, long time ago, changed the fork oil on his KTM, and put in
    dot 3 brake fluid. claimed it would work fine. it mixed with the silicone
    fluid that was left in the fork leg, and gummed up the check valves.
    this was discovered halfway thru the first day on the greenhorn enduro,
    which at that time was a 500 mile event. his 11" travel forks went to 1/2"
    travel forks, and in the mojave desert, that's not a pretty sight. neither was
    trying to ride a 2 day, 500 mile event standing on the pegs.....
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    Well heres something greenlee doesnt tell you one must do for better pressure release the air inside the hose and tool get the air bubbles out it works better ever notice it bleed back a little or it takes lots of pumps to punch get the air out it works better we do it on our benders also on every refill . just like bleeding your brakes on that old chevy . take care

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