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Thread: transfer switch bonding/grounding

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    Cool transfer switch bonding/grounding

    So here's my first attempt at this... I have recently began an installation of a standby generator with Service Entrance Transfer switch for a client. The transfer switch will be installed between the meter and the load center. Currently the load center is the service entrance. Where should the neutral and ground be bonded? Should I do this in the transfer switch and separate in the Load center or can I separate in the transfer switch and leave it bonded in the load center. I believe I already know the answer but a second opinion never hurts.

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    JC, welcome to the forum! :smile:

    The T/S must be service rated, or a service disconnect must be installed ahead of it, after the meter. In either case, the new disconnect is where all bonding must be relocated.

    Again, in either case, the existing panel is rendered a sub-panel, the cable supplying it must now contain a sperate EGC, and the neutrals and EGC's in it must be separated.
    Code references based on 2005 NEC
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    thanks. That's what I thought

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