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Thread: 57 watt light bulb? Kinda odd.

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    57 watt light bulb? Kinda odd.

    Customer was complaining about her chandalier bulbs making a sound when she used the dimmer. So I unscrewed the incadescent bulb and it said 57 watt. 120 v. I thought they came in 60, 40, 75, etc. Never seen one like that. I remember reading on here that if you change the bulbs to 130v. it will take care of the noise. Is that correct? Thank you.
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    My supply shop has been selling 57's in the place of 60's for about a year and a half

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    First I've heard of 57 watters, but then I don't do that much residential, I know they have been making some odd wattages in floods though now for several years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zappy View Post
    I remember reading on here that if you change the bulbs to 130v. it will take care of the noise.
    It's not the bulb voltage, it's extra filament support wires. Look for those.
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    The reflector floods have also a similar fate. The r-30 75 watt bulbs are now 65 watts. The R-20 50 watts that fit in the 4" cans are now 45 watt. It's all about being green.

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    we get sylvania a19s in a red box that come in weird wattages. they say they save money. instead of 100 watts there 90 watts for example
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