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    I'm installing a baggage handling system at Miami International Airport. The conveyor is approximatley 24" from the concrete wall. I have a 480v 3.5 HP motor disc. switch along with 120v control boxes on this side of the wall. The airport inspector is telling me that there must be 36" clearance. I could probably agree on the switch. but not on the controls. What say you?

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    110.26(A) appears to be the reference you need to study.
    The switch is actually condition 2 (backed by a concrete wall) at 480VAC and therefore 3'6" not 3'.

    If what you refer to as "control boxes" are nothing more than pass-thru or terminations then they might bypass 110.26(A). If they contain fuses, relays, or other control components then 3'.
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    Thanks pfalcon! I just found it about 10 mins ago, so you are correct.

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    You are exactly right! I found it about 10 mins before you replied. Thanks pfalcon

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