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Thread: Help with Ramsay test prep, please.

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    Help with Ramsay test prep, please.

    Hellow to one and all, this is my first post and wished I had found this site long ago. I am asking help and assistance in trying to get prepared for taking a entrance test for a job as a maintainance electrician.

    I found out through a friend who works at the company I am applying at that I will be taking a the Ramsay Electrical Maintenance Technicion test, most likely the most dificult one Ramsay makes. I have searched the net and every where else I can think of and no one seems to know anything about this test.

    My friend also informed me it is a real SOB of a test and typically only 20% of those who take it pass, as a result of this I am concerned about how I will do on it.

    I even called the Ramsay co. themselves and they were little help.

    What I am hoping to find is a company that sells a test preporation materials for the Ramsay Electrical tests or test prep materials for similar electrical maintenance tech positions.

    Any advice on hoe to prepare for such a test would be of great value to me.

    Thanks to any who can help,

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    Google's your friend, I believe it's

    ramsay maintenance aptitude test

    The host of this site at the front page also has free stuff. A page or two of math equations and other "stuff", I'd refresh on your strong points and concentrate on the weak ones.

    Good Luck!
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