hi guys new here,

i belong to a number of forums , so i'm not new to posting.

a question was asked of me and i need help in explaining how to locate a lv short in an irrigation system with a multimeter.

i have been using a TDR for about 8 yrs and use the TDR on all locates and troublesoots.

this answer is for a fellow on a big job on the east coast, it's hard to put the words in an easy to understand order for me.

simple, at the controller check single line resistance on the station leg and again on the common leg, record findings then test the resistance on the loop, record findings.

go to valve and repeat the above steps.

the findings that indicate the least resistance is the end to start locating from first with the 521 locator.

to gain further information on distance to fault the constant resistance per foot is .002525 for 14.ga, .00402 for 16 ga. and .00639 for 18 ga. tese numbers can be used to calculate a rough distance to a fault.

well folks that is my explaination, anything that you can add or have me leave out, change ect. i will entertain.

thank you