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Thread: Fire Pump Disconnect Switch Location

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    Fire Pump Disconnect Switch Location

    I'm working on a project in which I have a 20HP, 208V fire pump and I'll be tapping ahead of the main disconnect switch. My question is: Can the Fire pump disconnect switch be located in the same electrical room as the rest of the electric equipment for the rest of the building. I was told that it had to be remotely located but I cannot find anything in the NEC or NFPA 20. The only thing that I was able to find is that the disconnect switch has to be as remotely located form other fire pump disconnect switches as possible.



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    It is permitted but as per 2008 NEC 695.4 it needs to be supervised, usually form the controller there is a trouble setting for power loss, and "located sufficiently remote from other builidng or other fire pump source disconnect means". Do not forget that this disconnect is not near any other disconnect. The list of required locations for other pieces of fire pump equipment is in 695.12.
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    Take a look at230.72(B)

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