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Thread: 2008 406.3(d)3(c)

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    2008 406.3(d)3(c)

    Could you guys give some examples and a little better description of 406.3(D)3(c)? 2008 NEC. Just making sure I understand it correctly. Thanks

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    406.3(D)(3)(c) A non–grounding-type receptacle(s) shall be permitted
    to be replaced with a grounding-type receptacle(s)
    where supplied through a ground-fault circuit interrupter.
    Grounding-type receptacles supplied through the groundfault
    circuit interrupter shall be marked “GFCI Protected”
    and “No Equipment Ground.” An equipment grounding
    conductor shall not be connected between the groundingtype
    You can remove an old two wire receptacle and replace it with a grounding type receptacle even if there is no grounding means at that box. But the circuit must be supplied by a GFCI and the receptacle labeled as stated.

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    for example...could I have a GFCI receptacle at the first device location (instead of a GFCI breaker), and a grounding type receptacle at the next location (all properly identified) and be in accordance with the NEC...In your opinions of course?

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    Yes, but it's important that you do not connect any EGC's to anything, not even to each other. Otherwies, a defective device could energize the case of another device.
    Code references based on 2005 NEC
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