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Thread: NICET fire alarm, best test prep?

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    NICET fire alarm, best test prep?

    I want to get my NICET fire alarm II.

    What test prep programs would you recommend?

    Any thoughts on the process, it appears daunting.

    I know they are transitioning to computer based testing.

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    It's been about 8 years or so since I tested for NICET Level IV if I remember right.

    I took a prep class from The Automatic Fire Alarm Association:

    I have some of the training books from this company:

    Good luck! It's not really all that daunting if you bring the books you need that are allowed during the test. Also make sure everything is tabbed so that you can find stuff quickly.

    And always take the full number of elements allowed at one sitting so that you have extra time to pass just the ones you need. If you fail one or two of the ones you don't need, you can always re-take them later when you sit for the next level test.

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    Nicet prep

    AFAA is pretty strong with that. A good resource is the Fire Alarm group on Yahoo. They have a thread going at

    which I used the members there to help me study up.

    Also another thought would be checking out your local IBEW training center. The ones in my neck of the woods offer a NICET prep.

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