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Thread: Sizing an 400A Service

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    Sizing an 400A Service

    I am installing a 400A 120/240V 3 phase service. I will be using a 320 Meter can with a 3" riser with 3-500mcm,1-350mcm. On the load side I will be double lugging and running two sets of #3/0 into two 2" conduits , one 2" to a 200A 3phase fusible disconnect, 1-2" conduit to a 200A single phase disconnect. The PoCo requires us to run a #6 conductor from the meter can to a ground rod. I also will have a Water pipe GEC conductor of #1/0 per 250.66, Bldg. steel GEC of #1/0 per 250.66. I was planning to run water pipe,and Bldg. steel GEC conductors to a junction box and set a Ground bar, and from there run a #4 Thhn to each service disconnects. Is there anything that I might have missed here in order to be code compliant. I appreciate any feed back that you give. I have never done A 400A service before.

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    Make sure that the ground bar in the j-box meets the requirements for size of 250.64(F) (2008 NEC).


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