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Thread: Bidding conduit runs

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    Spec book 16000

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritelec View Post
    Take back "guess unless designed", I see no exemptions.

    ??? I see nothing mentioning recpts have to be hospital grade.???

    Is it in there or is that an architect thing? Will look again.
    Look at 517.18(B),517.19(B)(2), 517.61(C)(2).

    OP did not say what he had other than patient care facility, he may not need them depending on exactly what type of care is provided.

    Not sure where you were going with isolated ground - for most part not acceptable in patient care areas.

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    Check your State requirements, the exact type and limit of a partical type of constuction methods might well add not detact from your thoughts!
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    The gents that have answered know best, but I'd question why you don't have the spec book(s) Div 16, anyway. Find out for sure. No reason to bid the wrong material. That would automatically exclude you in my book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwired View Post
    Look at 517.18(B),517.19(B)(2), 517.61(C)(2).
    Thank you for the heads up kwired

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike7330 View Post
    "This is a step up from the custom homes and strip stores I'm comforble bidding on, would hate to start off in the hole"
    READ THE SPECS!!! wiring a patient care facility is not the same as custom homes and strip stores, I'm sure you can do the job. but make sure you bid with the correct wiring and /or piping.
    and depending on exactly what type of facility and where it's located, you might find yourself
    with your first lesson in OSHPD.... for what it's worth, you really need to know if your job is
    under jurisdiction of OSHPD... it will drastically affect your profit on the job if you make
    assumptions where they are doing the inspection.

    my last job with an oshpd resident inspector was sorta like darth vader with a book of specs,
    but not as much fun.
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