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Thread: Mike Holt discusses Stray Voltage

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    Quote Originally Posted by macmikeman View Post
    So far Hurk, I have made 623 movies using the method I described above and have converted to .mp4 and transferred all of them to my Itouch and also my Ipad with no blowing up of any sound cards.
    H'mm maybe I'm missing something, as an audio card inputs and outputs are normaly analog, and most movies are digital format, wonder if there is something special with the card your using in that PC? the one in this computer is a 10.2 THX Sound Blaster, it has so many inputs and outputs I need a map anytime I hook up something, but there are head phone and mic jacks right on the front of the tower but they go to the mother board not the sound card, my older puter had the head phone and mic jacks right on the back of the sound card. wonder if it is a particular type of sound card?
    Have they changed sound cards so they will pass digital?
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    A macmikeman generally uses a Macbook..... I have no idea how the wires are hooked up inside of it, but I pretty good with Quicktime. You should see how easy and neat it works to string them together.
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