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    Fl Electrical Business

    Hi All,
    Trying to get the ball rolling to take my FL Unlimited exam. One of the criteria is also to do the FL Electrical Business. I figure I'll get the business one out of the way first to get back into the studying and text taking mode. Figured it would be much easier than the EC exam. Anyway, does anyone have any information to get some prep materials for this exam? Maybe some practice tests or something like that... Seems like everywhere I check, they all offer the EC prep,but nothing for the business section. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Don Burde

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    First step is to get the latest update of the Florida Contractor's Manual. The book is larger than the NEC and it covers:
    Business Planning and Organization
    Financial Management
    Risk Management
    Labor and Laws and Employment Regulation
    Workers' Compensation
    Construction Contracts and Liability
    Construction Lien Law
    Project Management

    There isn't one thing in each section to know, and it isn't a generic test. You will need to know specifics from each of those sections to pass the test. Basically you need to have a good foundation of each section and then be well versed enough in the manual to be able to find the very specific case and wording that the test asks for. It definitely isn't a test to take lightly. It certainly isn't "much easier" than the EC exam depending on your level of business knowledge.

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    How many questions are on the business exam and how much time do you get? I'm in the same situation, but was worried about the business exam more so than the EC!
    If it seems like it was too easy, double check, you probably screwed up!

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