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Thread: GFCI requirements for water coolers

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    GFCI requirements for water coolers

    Can someone tell me if a GFCI is required for a portable water cooler? The OSHA standard 1910.305(j)(2)(IV) is vague and states a receptable installed in a wet or damp location shall be suitable for the location. the compliance officer will usually reference a NEC code (i believe 210) to back their citation. is there a NEC code pertaining to GFCI for water coolers? why wouldnt a GFCI be required for a water cooler?


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    The NEC does require GFCI protection of drinking fountains but not portable water coolers unless the receptacle is located in an area specified in 210.8. Here is what 422.52 says;

    422.52 Electric Drinking Fountains. Electric drinking fountains
    shall be protected with ground-fault circuit-interrupter

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    There was little substantion when GFCI's were required for drinking fountains, which I belive was the 08 NEC.\
    A water cooler is not much different than a water heater, both have water in contact with heating elements.
    I don't see the danger for either.
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