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Thread: Industrial Control Panels

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    Industrial Control Panels

    I have an industrial control panel built in 2004/05 and it was built by a qualified electrician (but a non UL shop). We used the panel for a system and put it in storage and want to reuse the panel again for the same type of system (i.e. same controls, pumps, etc.). Can this panel be reused if it was not initially certified per the subject articles. Is
    there an article in the NEC that grandfathers these old panels? Would it matter if a couple of mods were made to the system since 2005 please note that the panel has been completely functionally tested for all operations/controls.

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    Who knows. no doubt you have other control panels in your plant that are not listed. how is this any worse?

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    IMO, it's going to be an AHJ decision.
    Per the NEC "Approved" is acceptable to the AHJ.
    Many AHJ's would inspect to see if the installation is in compliance with NEC Art 409, especially 409.110.

    There are some areas that require all equipment be listed by a N.R.T.L., but most I have seen will accept a panel constructed per NEC requirements by licensed personnel.
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    This is typically not an NEC issue but an issue with your organization who enforces the code. Washington requires product listing for most control panels.
    And sometimes OSHA will require listing by a NRTL. Washinton is not under OSHA.
    So check with your AHJ.
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