Did a house a couple years ago, it was done to 2006 IRC. It was resold and the new buyers got an HI to come check the house. He wrote in the report that the panel (which is

'back to back' with the meter) needed a bond wire run from the meter to the panel. The seller called me while the HI was still there and I explained it was NOT needed the meter was

bonded using the neutral. He pointed out he was "not electrically smart" (I agreed) and I thought it was clearly not needed. All was well until I talked to the seller and he stated the

HI still put it in the report, after talking to "his man"

So basically, he is wanting me to parallel the existing neutral with a smaller 'bonding" wire.

I know this is not a correct .... correction, but how do I explain this to someone who admits to not being electrically smart?

the seller ask me to write a short paper on why this should not be corrected, (or making it an incorrect install)

I have opened my 2006 IRC novel but I am not real familiar with it, any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Greg