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Thread: Overhead Power Neutral Wire and OSHA

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    Overhead Power Neutral Wire and OSHA

    I have work to be done on a bridge. The overhead power wires run across the bridge. However, the neutral was routed down the pole and under the bridge then routed back up. The power company suggest they ground the neutral on both ends of the bridge. (The power to the lines is still live). I have had an electrician tell me that that scenario is as safe as that situation can be other than deenegizing the power lines themselves, but still things can go awry.
    My question is this: Does this satisfy the OSHA requirement??? If so, please send me a link that states such. Otherwise, we will have to move the line as the line is w/in 2 feet of the structure where the construction workers will be working.


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    Have you looked at OSHA's website regarding this?

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