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Thread: Relocatable Power Taps

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    Relocatable Power Taps

    The UL white books states that relocatable power taps are not intended for use in patient care areas. There is a mfg. with a relocatable power tap on the market and they advertise this product can be used in a patient care area because it is UL 60601-1 and UL 60590-1 compliant. I guess my question is can this be the case? If the white book says they are not allowed can these other standards over-turn that?

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    Just a guess here but does that UL category say something like 're-locatable power taps for use in ordinary locations'?

    Perhaps there is another category for 're-locatable power taps for use in patient care areas'?

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    Thanks iwire. I'm finding out that the ones listed for use in a patient care area are ones that come with a medical cart that itself is listed as an assembly. The power strips themselves are not listed for that application. Below is a clipping from a UL article.

    Some UL Classified carts include
    relocatable power taps as an integral
    part of the cart. These are Recognized
    Component Special Purpose Relocatable
    Power Taps (SPRPTs), which are specifically
    investigated to supply power to the plugconnected
    equipment on the cart and to
    verify compliance with the Standard for
    Health Care Facilities, NFPA 99, Section This standard is applicable when
    two or more power receptacles supplied by
    a flexible cord are used to supply
    power to plug-connected components
    of a movable equipment assembly that
    is rack-, table- or pedestal-mounted.
    SPRPTs have not been investigated for
    stand-alone use in patient care vicinities.

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