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Thread: Tap Rules, Feeders, and MLO Panels

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    Tap Rules, Feeders, and MLO Panels

    You see, I had this nifty thread all edited and ready to go - then, I realized my question was pointless because feeders of identical ampacity are not considered a tap under 240.21.

    I am posting it anyway just to be on the safe side.


    I am trying to get my head around 225.33 - maximum number of discos and 240.21(B)(5) - taps of unlimited length.

    Given that these panels are all in unattached separate structures, do I understand correctly that A is ok, but B is a violation because it is a tap of unlimited length and must terminate in a single breaker?

    A.              Main Panel                 6 circuit MLO Panel            6 circuit MLO Panel  
      ----MB-----Feeder Breaker-----------------------Lugs--------------------------Lugs
    B.        Main Panel                      6 circuit MLO Panel 
       ----MB-----Feeder Breaker---------------------Lugs
                                          |                                    6 circuit MLO Panel  
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