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Thread: Determining hazardous classifications

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    Determining hazardous classifications

    Is it true that the NEC does not determine hazardous classifications and this determination is done by the owner as per NFPA 499 and not the NEC? Does the state electrical inspector (our NEC AHJ), have any jurisdiction to determine the classification of the area? Or do we (owner) determine the classification and then he only has jurisdiction to make sure the electrical installation is done in accordance to that classification? Thanks, Jeff

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    This is not a simple question.

    The owner is always responsible to see that the area classification is correct. He cannot pawn that responsibility off on someone else.

    Some things are pretty straightforward and do not require a great deal of thought and what is stated in various codes and standards can be directly used. But, many times how things ought to be applied is not as obvious as we might like it to be. From what i can tell, people who do not know any better tend to over classify areas more often than to under classify them.

    Just what authority your local inspector has depends on a lot of factors. most times they are not authorized to classify an area themselves, but probably do have the authority to reject the classification made by or on behalf of the owner.

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