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Thread: 3 phase transfor connections

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim dungar View Post
    Connecting the single phase 480V across two primary windings will result in in the windings being in parallel this will mean each winding sees 50% of the input voltage so the output will also be only 50%.
    Connect to two primary windings, 480V each.

    Quote Originally Posted by jim dungar View Post
    If you connect two of the windings in parallel (i.e. jumper C->B, and then feed 480V to A and B/C) you will get about 120V from two of the secondary windings. However, because you have changed the intended relationship between the primary H1-H2-H3 and X1-X2-X3 terminals the (2) resultant 120V outputs will not combine to create 240V.
    Please examine the following diagram carefully...

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    My bad, the outputs would be additive, effectively X1->X0->X3.
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