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Thread: Millbanks Microgrid Smart System

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    Millbanks Microgrid Smart System

    Has anyone installed one of these ? It looks quite interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Tuttle View Post
    Has anyone installed one of these ?
    Probably not. He says in the video it's "not yet a sellable product", and it's from earlier this year.

    I think the main advantage would the ability to use whatever products you like from different manufacturers in the various sources and loads. Currently, to my knowledge, integration of this kind is only available if you use the same manufacturer's equipment for almost everything (e.g. SMA, notably). Otherwise in many cases you are limited by the equipment you choose.

    I think it's a good sign for people interested in such things that a company like that is developing such a product. Probably would be much more useful in 'island' situations than on the grid. I'm skeptical that many ordinary people will ever have such a thing in their house.
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