I am designing a less expensive smart DC combiner box to be in compliance with the NEC 2011 . I am seeking a non-load circuit breaker as a possible solution because i can drastically reduce the price of this equipment. According the NEC article 690.17 “ disconnect requirement “ shall be a manually operable switch or circuit breaker, externally operable , indicating whether open and close position with an interrupting rating sufficient for the circuit voltage and current available at the terminals. The circuit breaker at the inverter side is not visible and accessible from the exterior, because i have to open the inverter´s door. So, If i use a non-load switch in the Smart DC combiner box, the operator have to open the circuit breaker located internally in the inverter, before operate the non-load switch. Because the circuit-breaker is located inside the inverter, i am not sure if the solution does apply to the 690.14 (C) 1 location and 690.17 (1) and (2).

Thank you so much for your time.