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Thread: Large scale PV system AC equipment cost estimate

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    Large scale PV system AC equipment cost estimate

    I am involved with a large Utility Scale PV system design which will include connecting an 100MW PV farm into the utility system.

    I currently need to come up with an "Ballpark" equipment cost estimate for the equipment that will be required on the AC side of the inverter to connects the system onto the utility grid. Without looking too much into the potential AC design I was wondering if there was an estimated $/MW cost estimate that could be used to estiamte the cost of the AC equipment on a large scale PV system. This cost estimate would inlude all hardware necessary for construction of the system.

    Has anyone seen a cost estimate figure or have experience with this?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Large PV AC estimate

    I was recently hired on as an estimator for a large solar company, being hired for my background in electrical systems. I have requested information from my associates pertaining to MW sized installations, in which we have a few; the largest 6MW. At first thought I see a few factors that will impact the price, e.g.: location, utility, government, transmission means, tie-in points etc..

    Do you have a rough design?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mull982 View Post
    I currently need to come up with an "Ballpark" .
    oh no
    will you be getting payed for your ballpark?

    as you know,,,it could be work, but watch for the users..loosers
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