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Thread: NEC2014 **DRAFT** -- 545.5, I don't understand it.

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    NEC2014 **DRAFT** -- 545.5, I don't understand it.


    Can anyone explain to me what this means:

    545.5 Supply Conductors. Provisions shall be made to route the service-entrance, underground service conductors,
    service-lateral, feeder, or branch-circuit supply to the service or building disconnecting means conductors. [ROP 199]


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    I believe it means that a way to connect the incoming power source conductors to the building's pre wired distribution center or conductor tails must be provided.

    In short, many of these buildings are pre wired with a panel and/or conductor tails that you connect your power feed wires to. Conduit and a box must be installed so that the connection can be made.

    That is the way I am reading this section. IDK......
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