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Thread: Generac Generator won't turn over

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    Generac Generator won't turn over

    I'm stumped so I thought I'd come to the experts. I have a Generac 15K Gasoline Portable generator. It has a "rocker" type switch that you push up to start and down to shut it down. I went out to do my monthly warm up of the generator, pushed the rocker button up and ........ nothing? Not a click, nothing. I thought it might be a dead battery so I replaced it, still nothing. I checked all the connections and everything seems clean and tight. This generator is basically new. I purchased it new a couple years ago and have never used it except to run it for an hour or so every month. I read where someone posted you can take a screwdriver and jump across the starter solenoid. I did that and the starter did spin but wasn't engaging the motor. I suspect something has to engage the starter to the motor before it will turn the motor over?

    I'm at a loss of what to do. I live in the Mtns of Colorado and it'll be a 150 mile round trip to take it to Colorado Springs to have it looked at.

    If you guys have any ideas of what I should try, and or replace, please let me know.


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