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Thread: Comfortable work boots

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    Comfortable work boots

    I'm getting ready to get me another pair of work boots. Thought I would ask what boots work best for some of you. I've tried the cheap brands and they have got me through, but I'm ready for some comfortable, durable, and waterproof boots. The cheap brand lasted pretty good, but they were too heavy for me. I've tried Red Wings years ago and wasn't too impressed. They didn't seem much different than the cheap ones. I'm thinking maybe of Rockport boots, Wolverines, or Timberland. Has anyone had sucess with these or others? Thanks for the imput. I was on an extension ladder yesterday, and with no tread on my old ones, it was pretty dangerous

    By the way, I don't seem to work good with steel toes. When bending down to put in outlets, they seem to cut into my toes ( not comfortable ).

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    I got these a while back. I wore them on my daily 2+ mile walks with the dog to break them in, and now and then when I have to wear safety shoes.

    they are a little heavy, but have the plastic toe in lieu of a steel toe.

    I like an actual boot for ankle support as I am old and fat and can use the support.

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    I've always liked the Wolverine Durashocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkync View Post
    Wolverines, or ... By the way, I don't seem to work good with steel toes. When bending down to put in outlets, they seem to cut into my toes ( not comfortable ).
    IF THEY FIT ... and they don't fit my foot ... Wolverine Durashock are among the best. I loved them for 2 hours and friends swear by them.

    I have a very broad toe-end, and have a problem in general, but especially with safety shoes ... the caps seem to be smaller that anywhere else. I found Rocky Boots MobiLite 6114 to be the most comfortable boots I ever owned. I even bought the non-safety version, 7114 to wear other times ... and they may be my very most comfortable shoes.

    Not cheap, but not sky high either ... about $150 retail non safety, $155 safety. They go to 15 in wide, and to 16 in medium. They are not terribly hard to find on the internet, but my size 14W are ...

    ASTM F2413-05 Electrical Hazard Standard
    ▪ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 Protective Toe Classification
    ▪Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction
    ▪Oil resistant 3 part MobiLite outsole is lighter than standard outsoles
    ▪Polyurethane Footbed
    ▪Steel protective Toe
    ▪TPU Torsion stabilizer
    ▪Widest Toe box in the industry

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    I have these:

    On my second pair now. Durable, light weight, and extremely comfortable!! EH rated... I used to buy Redwings until I found these. First pair lasted me 4 years and that is with wearing them in -40F weather on occasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Microwatt View Post
    I've always liked the Wolverine Durashocks.
    Hands down the best.
    Inspector Mike

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    "Wolverines" . . . have worked for me over the years...

    Look for a shoe that can be re-souled, but in most cases shoes doesn't lend themselves to this application.

    I just got my thermal's redone!

    For me it's usually the type of surface that determines shoe life, and you get what you pay for...
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    Quote Originally Posted by petersonra View Post
    I got these a while back. ...
    I've tried all the recommended brands.

    None more comfortable for all day wear than the Thorogoods I have now (100% non-metallic)...

    The 100% non-metallic (composite toe and shank) are more comfortable for all day wear simply because they are lighter weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Microwatt View Post
    I've always liked the Wolverine Durashocks.
    Same here. I have two pair, numbered 1 and 2. 1's are for MWF and 2's are for TTS. Work shoes have to air out for a day before I will wear them again.

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    Just purchased a pair of Keen, Pittsburgh steel toed work boots. Have done the most comfortable boot I've owned. They also have non safety toed boots. Haven't had them long enough to know about durability, however I've owned Keen hiking boots that wear very well. They ar ent cheap, but when your working on your feet all day, I've never believed that boots is where you want to try to save money. In my experience, its worth it to splurge on your feet!

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