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Thread: NEC 110.31 - Enclosure for Electrical Installations

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    NEC 110.31 - Enclosure for Electrical Installations

    I have a piece of 12.47kV gear (Fusible Switches) that are enclosed by site wall (around the perimeter of the entire facility). The Site wall is approximately 6 feet (in compliance with Table 110.34(A) Condition 2) from the back of the gear.

    I have two questions:
    1.) do I need to comply with Table 110.31 which calls for 10' of clearance? Since you will not work on this gear hot why is 110.31 more stringent than Table 110.34(A)
    2.) Could I use 110.31(D) in lieu of enclosing just the gear in a fenced enclosure?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Do you suppose its the fence clearance in 110.31 and 110.34 a fence is not mentioned.................don't know for sure,just noting some differences..


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