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Thread: Electrical Study Help

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    Electrical Study Help

    When an arc flash study is completed what/when are the other things to come into place ?
    When should the new company electrical policy come into each job task ?
    Should company electricians have a report of study or the recommandations by study group or are the labels enough ?
    Our company had a arc flash study completed and had placed labels on electrical equipment and there wasn't any communication to the electrical workers or non electrical workers. Electricians had work with the data collection only. There isn't much communication by the company to its workers.

    We could use some help from anyone who has gone through this process and what to expect from the study.
    All input will be very helpfull and greatfully appreciated.

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    NFPA 70E


    All the answers to your questions are contained in NFPA 70E, the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

    The Arc Flash Study will serve as the basis for the start of an Electrical Safety Program (ESP) for the facility. See 70E for ESP requirements.
    It will include:
    - Maintenance of the electrical system per NETA Testing Standards
    - Training of all facility personnel, to the level required by their interaction with the electrical system. (Awareness for office type people, qualified training for electricians..)
    - Energized electrical work permit process initiation
    - Accurate posting of the electrical system documentation (1-line diagrams at gear)

    The arc flash labels aren't even applicable unless the system is maintained, which makes sense, since the labels are dependent on the speed of operation of the protective devices, which needs to be consistent with published equipment operational data. This can usually be managed with a bi-annual mx program.
    I think the ideal way for a facility to manage the responsibility is to designate a Power System Owner who's responsible for the 70E compliance. He can start with the Power Study, using the Protective Device Report to get the system maintained, and the documentation for posting at the gear. The maintenance process would include IR scans, xfmr oil samples, NETA testing.. etc.

    If your employer spent the money to have the Study performed and labels installed, they must think they're in compliance, but they're not! It's just the first step. Good Luck!

    John M
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    If employess have not had training on their Electrical Safe Work Practices program, they are not in compliance with OSHA, NFPA 70E, nor the NEC.

    Training is part of the root definition of Qualified Worker.
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