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Thread: out of state work.

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    out of state work.

    we are licensed in texas and sometimes get work in other states. would it be wise and try and get local contrators and some of our own electricians to do work. Or try to get contractors license in that state. just wondering who out there does out of state work.

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    Whether to sub it out or become licensed in other areas depends on the amount of work you have in those areas. I have a hard time with an out-of-state contractor using your guys also.


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    It is always a great idea to expand your area and get more works for you. I do not think that there is any reason not to take those work, but be sure to do it better and take good feedback for future as well.

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    There can be enough difference in wages between states that many times traveling contractors have an unfair advantage. Thus the need for the prevailing wage laws. Too bad those rules cannot be applied in the private sector.

    I'm so glad that Washington, (and Oregon), makes it plenty hard for traveling contractors to come in and take work away from the locals. It helps to even the playing field. I recently did a nice remodel of a apartment complex club house due to this. A traveling GC from Florida thought he was going to have his guys do the electrical just like in some other states. None of them had an electrical license of any kind, but even if they did it wouldn't have mattered here. You must be a Washington licensed electrical contractor using Washington licensed electricians. And to get those licenses requires a lot more than paying a fee.


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