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Thread: Turning the old service meter panel into a sub panel????

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    Turning the old service meter panel into a sub panel????

    Hello, I had a client call me and they had an electrician come out and up grade their service but it had to move to a different location based on the meter spot. The electrician turned the old service panel into a sub panel by removing the meter socket and installing an insulated neutral bar etc. But when the inspector came out he said that this can't be done. The client wants me to replace the old meter panel with a normal sub panel.

    Now my question is this. I do not know why I could not just leave this and just get a new sold door that would take the place of the old door which had the meter socket hole in it. Do any of you know if this would be a code violation? I don't see why this would be as this can is listed for a panel and all that was done was the new feeders go into a 100 amp breaker that feeds the buss? There is an insulated neutral bar and a separate ground bar.

    If this is a problem what have you guys done instead of replacing the full panel? Any ideas or code/articles in the NEC I should check out?


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    My 2 cents, a lot of those panels have " suitable only as service equipment" because of the factory bonded neutral, maybe the inspector did not care for the field mods???

    To the inspectors here,would you accept a field added insulated neutral?

    Edit: added pic.

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    In the "inspection world" the electrician has altered a listed piece of equipment which could deem it unacceptable.
    That said, I have seen similar procedures done often and accepted
    Before I proceeded, I would talk with the inspector and see exactly what his concerns are.
    There are a multitude of potential violations in the changeover.
    If 'altering' is his concern, then you have little choice but replacing the panel.
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