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Thread: 2017 NEC PDF or EBook

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    Quote Originally Posted by infinity View Post
    Can the e-book be used without Internet access?
    Both the PDF and the E-Book version will work offline. I have tried the E-Book version and not real happy with it as the E-Book format is really more suited to reading a book as opposed to searching. I also have the PDF and it works well.

    There is a 3rd option that I'm told is a great product but I have not yet tried. This would be the NEC App available for Apple and Android. This is not the same as the E-Book or the PDF, rather a stand alone app by NFPA that you buy thru Apple App Store or Android Play Store for the code version of choice. Same price as the PDF or E-Book.

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    For me the pdf is just fine. I can upload it to Google Drive and access it from all of my devices when I have Internet access or download it directly to the device for offline use.


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted

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