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Thread: ICC E1 Residential Inspector Exam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Dotson View Post
    I don't know the exact specifics on how many I missed, left unanswered and such, can just speculate. I took a guess in my 1st post and may be off some but the examination results form they gave me states that a "passing score is 75". I feel that if I had answered the unanswered questions I may have passed. Water under the bridge now, just trying to prepare for round 2 now . Thanks for the reply and failing is not an option for me, ill continue until I get the certifications.

    With a positive attitude like yours, you'll pass. Hold your head up high and keep fighting.

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    If you haven't been involved with residential wiring in some time, there has been a lot of NEC changes that impact wiring in dwelling units compared to how many changes there have been that impact wiring in non dwelling units in the past 15 years or so.

    Code wise I think residential work is harder to keep track of all the requirements, then you have jurisdictions here and there that make their own amendments to what is in the NEC and that don't help keep it all straight either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Dotson View Post
    Forgot to mention in original post how I maneuvered thru and took the test. If you have any feedback on how to best take the exam please reply. I took the computer based exam.
    1. First I went thru the test (all the way to the last question #60) looking for questions I knew immediately and answered them without looking them up. Clicking MARK on the ones I didn't know to be able to go back and answer them later. I did not choose an answer on the ones I marked to do later and I'm thinking I should have made a educated guess so that if time ran out at least all questions would have been answered and a 25% chance of getting it right ??
    2. I went back and began to look up and answer the ones I previously MARKED. And the result was, time ran out and I left too many questions UNANSWERED !

    After getting home and gaining my composure I started to go over how I approached the test. I figured I lost 20-30 sec of time for each question I read and marked for later ( figure I lost 6-8 min of time ). With a 48 I'm figuring I got 30 correct at 1.6 pts per question and believe I left 20-25 unanswered which means I must have gotten 5-10 wrong.

    Any response is appreciated and thank you.

    I know how you feel; I've been there before. There seems to be no quick way; you must master the code.
    I bought the Mike Holt DVD collection; Worth IT!!!

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    Passed ICC E1 Residential Exam

    Took the computer based E1 residential exam yesterday and PASSED ! Finished the exam with 30 min to spare which gave me ample time to go back and review any questions I may have found questionable. Good thing I did there were a few that I must not have read thoroughly and corrected. I want to thank all of those that replied or commented for your support.

    I bought access to Mike Holts NEC practice quizzes and went thru the IRC E1 Residential Inspector Online Coarse on the ICC website, and I highly recommend both! The ICC coarse is where you can go at your own pace and has LOTS of code quizzes and a 30 question timed exam at the end. Every question you get correct will prompt a informative box telling you the answer is correct and explain why Per. IRC and NEC sections. After 2 months of going thru both materials daily, I not only knew where to go in both the IRC and NEC code books to find the answer but I had most of the material memorized which was KEY in taking the test. So MASTERING the code (not saying I have mastered it yet lol) is definitely the correct approach, not enough time to look up all the answers.

    Next on the agenda, the NEC E2 Commercial Inspector Exam ! Hope to have it completed by June. Again, thank you guys for the support !


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    Now go for the Commercial inspector, then the plan review certification then the National Master electrician certification.
    Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance.

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