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Thread: ICC E1 Residential Inspector Exam

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwm1752 View Post
    never heard of the National master electrician certificate -- who is the testing agency? & where is it accepted?

    It is offered by ICC. Page 32

    I don't know which states will accept Master Electrician. For me I am taking the exam to challenge my self. I know inspection authorities do recognize the ICC inspection certificates.
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    Passed the E2 exam

    Well I finally took the E2 Commercial exam and PASSED ON FIRST TRY!! Got both residential/commercial certifications now within 6 months time. I now have a new found respect for any inspector in any regard ! From my 20yr industrial/residential background to inspector is a big leap and was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I have had the opportunity to work with a current state electrical inspector during my time of taking the exams and I can tell you, no exam is enough in learning the profession. The exams to me are to just weed out the ones that aren't truly dedicated to the profession and the real work begins afterward! I have learned more from him in the last 5 months than I have studying for the exams especially the things that you cant find in any book. Thank all of you for your post and insight on preparing for the exams. I now can work as a electrical inspector and will probably finish out the year gaining all the experience I can and then focus on the E3.


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