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Thread: bond gas pipe

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    bond gas pipe

    We would like to bond the gas pipe. Where should we attach the bonding clamp? The electrical main is ground to earth in the garage and also to the 1/2” portion of the copper water main in the hallway next to the garage. Last week Comcast (Xfinity) bonded the coax.

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    Unsure whether rules are the same everywhere but in NYS, bonding of the gas line is directed in the following manner:

    1) Gas meter outside - Bond the first 6" of rigid pipe entering the premises to the GEC.

    2) Gas meter inside - Bond on the customer side, after the di-electric union provided by the gas company, to the GEC.

    As I have been led to understand, in this area, the gas company places a "cathodic signal" onto the gas piping system for corrosion reduction. Bonding a gas line improperly would effectively eliminate this anti-corrosion signal.

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    Unless SF has special provisions, the EGCs, grounds, of the circuits supplying the gas appliances could be sufficient for bonding purposes.
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