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Thread: Core Drill

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    Not sure if this is the right section of the forum, but I'm not seeing anything specifically about tools.

    I'm looking into getting a hand held core drill. A local plumber occasionally lends me his Eibenstock when I need it and I leave him a 20 in the box when I return it to his shop, but I need my own. It works great, but I find that it is a bit tough to get holes lined up neatly with the hand held drill since it walks around some when you initially start drilling the hole. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a hand held drill that has a simple wall mount guide attachment.
    We use a long hammer drill bit that is the same size or a little smaller than the pilot bit on the core hole drill and drill it all the way through the wall before we use the core drill. If you take the time to set a torpedo level and a framing square (on the bit), the pilot hole will be level and square. Once the pilot hole is established, the core drill pilot bit just follows the pilot hole all the way through. When you get close to the other side of the wall stop and start drilling from the other side of the wall. This will will eliminate any blowout of the concrete or block.

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    Core Bore makes a nice hand held unit, its wet drilling though. They are a much cleaner hole than the dry hammer bits

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