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Thread: NFPA considering standards for inspectors & plan review

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    NFPA considering standards for inspectors & plan review

    They are accepting comments on the idea right now...... what do you guys see as pros/cons to this idea?

    As someone who works across several states, I'd like to see more uniform practices.

    Quote Originally Posted by NFPA
    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is considering the development of ANSI Accredited Standards in support of the electrical inspection community. Standards to address requisite skills and knowledge, including the establishment of minimum job performance requirements (“JPR”) for those who conduct electrical inspections and electrical plan reviews are envisioned. Additionally, a stand-alone document to address and establish recommended practices for electrical inspections is being explored.
    Here is a link .....

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    Looks like the NFPA is trying to horn in the ICC inspector accreditation deal.
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