I watch some of Mike's webinar the last 2 days. It was pretty good and I did actually learn a few things. Tomorrow they will be doing commercial calculations. Our mod Donrescapt was somewhere in the background sending emails and whatnot.

For years I read Table 220.55 for ranges and understood that Col A was for ranges less than 3 1/2 kw, col B was for ranges 3 1/2 kw up to 8 3/4. This is correct however following that thought I made the faulty conclusion that Col C was for ranges larger than 8 3/4 kw up to 27 kw with provision for those over 12 kw. Most of the time it makes sense to use Col. A or B rather than C but I didn't even think one could use it for ranges 8 3/4 kw and less. They did do one example where it actually came out lowere to use Col. C instead of B