Just a follow up: I was in an ICU room yesterday. The limited energy/communications jacks to the TV were 2x cat6 and 2x coax. Both coax were connected to the TV, and hanging loose from the TV were 1x cat6 patch cord, an HDMI cable, and a stereo RCA jack. Other wallplates in the room were mostly 2x cat 6, tho the monitors for cardio equipment were 21(?) pin connector, cat 6 (x2+), and the call stations with pullcords in the bathrooms and bed connections werent really examinable.

NFPA 99 covers hospitals/health care facilities, and I'm sure the latest TDMM covers recommended comm wiring. A PT clinic isnt an ICU, however I'd want an exact print before running any cable or conduit. From my perspective, a hospital or the like could be an extremely steep learning curve for those who have never done one.