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Thread: Risk assement - install hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Kissel View Post
    Bussducts can easily have over 80 calories of incident energy available.
    Seems like a made up number. Was this calculated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulthrotl View Post
    ... my understanding under the standard Darwinian candidate protocol is that if i want to
    do it as the principal in a business, not as an employee, suit up, cupcake, and have at it.
    OSHA doesn't apply to the owner of a business.

    or, in field terminology.... "hold my beer, i've got this."
    This is true, for YOU doing work on YOUR equipment.

    If you are a contractor doing work at MY facility on MY equipment, the responsibility for ME to provide a safe working environment for YOU is not relieved.

    If I hold your beer and you get it in the face, it's still my fault if it took place at my facility.
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