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Thread: AL tri plex and bare EGC-N for 3 ph sub feeder

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwire View Post
    This is a code forum, I suspect most times people are asking questions to learn the code not what each of us thinks is safe.
    No one is arguing the installation meets code, or that it is not desirable to correct the installation to meet code.

    But it is sometimes instructive to consider why the code is the way it is.

    In this case, it is not clear to me that there is any unusual danger from this installation even though it has some obvious code issues.

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    Good morning:

    Thank for all the input. Met with owner Sat and he could understand the potential danger from 2/0 Al on B phase with 200 A fuses supplying the feeder. We are ordering new 3/0 cu feeder conductors Monday with #2 AWG cu N (99% load are 3 phase motors). You never know how difficult these "surprises" are to sell but this one was easy. As far as the bare EGC/N, I still don't see the huge potential danger, but that will be corrected. Thanks again.


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