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Thread: 230.79(C) - one-family dwellings

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    Do keep in mind that 230.79(C) is specifically addressing the service disconnecting means. It is not addressing any feeder disconnecting means, and it is not addressing the service conductors, the feeder conductors, or the OCPD. If the service disconnecting means happens to be a circuit breaker, then it and the OCPD are one and the same. But they need not be. I can envision a "tiny house" that has a calculated load of 80 amps. I can use a 100 amp fused disconnect as the service disconnecting means, and thereby satisfy the minimum requirement of 230.79(C). But then I can fuse it at 80 amps. The OCPD would be the fuses, and they don't have to satisfy the 100 amp minimum of 230.79(C).
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    There's no reason that a breaker can't be both a service disconnecting means and a feeder disconnecting means. I see it all the time, a 2-6 gang meter bank with breakers that's the service equipment. Each meter has it's own single breaker that feeds a unit or a common sub remote from the service.

    I submit that 230.79 and 230.80 are too vague to definitively settle the question, and that there ought to be a revision to clarify what's intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Alwon View Post
    225.39 is for single family dwelling.
    Not sure I can agree with that statement....However, the fact 225.39(D) is dealing with outside feeders and branch circuits it indeed may not apply in this case if the issue has nothing to do with an outside "feeder or branch circuit"....if that is the case then neither 225.39 nor 230.79 apply.

    Now.....I honestly can't remember if the question was based on an "outside feeder" or I guess that would be important to look back at...aaaahhh but who has the time...

    If the feeders do not originate outside or the disconnect is outside then feeds inside then again Article 225 or in this case Article 230 don't apply. Size it per the calculated load found in Article 220.

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