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Thread: Equipotential Plane and Horse stables

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    BTW, Mike Holt has free videos covering this on his website under grounding and bonding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B.Bray View Post
    If you do need to bond, the horses won't drink. they can detect small amounts of potential.
    If their water source is at a different potential then what they are standing on. If just the fences/gates are all that is at different potential they will stay away from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrobotronic View Post
    Alos in addition to the above, the entire floor will have rubber mats covering it. will this help at all?
    I would think a conductive matt would be better since you have no concrete electrode below them.. also look into the service neutral size and length before bonding egc to any metal

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    Yes they will

    Originally Posted by B.BrayIf you do need to bond, the horses won't drink. they can detect small amounts of potential

    I have seen that with water tanks in the field, not enough to trip GFI but enough they would feel it when they went to drink. If water level in tank did not go down we knew we had a bad heater.

    I saw a large grounding grid for a fence charger open in the middle one time. You should of seen the horses when the charger pulsed and they were inbetween the open area. The step potential must of been big. they would jump straight up.
    A cowboy may get thrown , but they always get up and walk forward.

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