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Thread: Hot work on UPS equipment

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    check with the UPS manufacturer. You can't turn off the battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bravo69 View Post
    Ron, has OSHA code changed in the last few years? It was brought to my attention that hot work was allowed and now revisions say its not permitted. The UPS equipment supports life safety, PLC & Network cabinets. The life safety fire alarm system would be increased hazards and therefore hot work is permitted, correct?
    You can rationalize it any way you like to make it work in the way you want it to work.

    Although UPS batteries stay energized, hard to imagine that if it was turned off in the right conditions and timeframe, that it would be more hazardous to turn off than if you worked on it hot.

    There are often other ways around working it hot, depending on what system or connections you are working on. Generally bypass' or temp connections get rid of the need to what was considered in the past was a reason to work hot.

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    Are you talking about just battery replacement or beyond that?

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