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Thread: Maybe a dumb question?

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    Maybe a dumb question?

    I need to install four small drops for residential low voltage under cabinet lighting from bottom of cabinets to basement below. The minimum size calls for #16. All I have is FPLR and in-wall audio cable. I know the audio says "audio only" but can I use the FPLR? I've been searching but I think it's easier to just ask. Thanks for any help.

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    411.5 Specific Location Requirements.

    (A) Walls, Floors, and Ceilings. Conductors concealed or extended through a wall, floor, or ceiling shall be in accordance with (1) or (2):

    (1) Installed using any of the wiring methods specified in Chapter 3

    (2) Installed using wiring supplied by a listed Class 2 power source and installed in accordance with 725.130

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