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Thread: LEDs in New Construction - Class 2

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    LEDs in New Construction - Class 2

    New construction, planning on using some low-profile LED fixtures, rather than installing traditional cans. Something like this: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....L._SL1200_.jpg
    (not necessarily that exact fixture, I just grabbed something of the sort for visual reference)

    I believe that to install per code, these need:
    NM cable @ 120V run to a Class 2 listed power supply. Power supply being an in-wall power supply unit, a surface-mounted unit, or one installed in an accessible box.
    Class-2 In-Wall rated wire from power supply to fixture locations
    Connections at fixture locations with WAGO connectors, inline splices, or some other permanent connection (no box)

    Seems pretty straightforward, but I wanted to make sure I have it right before forging ahead.


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    I'm curious as to your preference to use these vs traditional housing and LED trim.

    All of them I've seen have a power supply that installs in the ceiling above the fixture, and have a short 6" or so lead to connect the LED.

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