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Thread: New product to hide tv audio video power cables during pre construction

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    New product to hide tv audio video power cables during pre construction

    I am trying to get feedback on a product that I am developing. Its designed for pre construction during framing phase. The kit takes 2 boxes 2 nails per kit to install.(also included are faceplates per box) A pvc class 200 pipe connects the two for a sealed passageway, no glue or mess. Electricians contractors home builders can stock the product and sell to their customers at reasonable price for profit or more. Look us up on Facebook. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    ** I was told a knock out for a e/4 data stub would make the product more commercial? (What in tarnation is a e/4 data stub)
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    Not sure what a class 200 raceway is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peter d View Post
    Not sure what a class 200 raceway is.
    I think it is actually a reference to PVC pipe rated for 200 PSI. Not sure why you would use it in such a thing.

    I don't see how this solves anything. You can already put Class 2 cables in the wall if you use the right ones and you can't put the power cord in the wall at all.

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    I'm closing this thread because it is fundamentally an advertisement which is against forum rules.
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