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Thread: The M for misc hardware

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    The M for misc hardware

    For 12 years when I do a T&M I have done the following without question from the shop or customer.
    I list all conduit, cable, wire, fittings, devices, panel boards, breakers, boxes ect, ect on my T&M. I put a set price on straps, wire nuts, fasteners, caulk and patch ect.

    For example, I count each 1900 box at $1 or $1.50 for wire nuts, tapcons and gnd screw, toggle ect.

    Every 2 straps 1" and under a $1 for strap and fastener.

    Patch jobs very, depending on how much 20, concrete product or amount and type of caulk used.

    Point here is, I looked at the T&M turned in by a guy I don't often work with and it was a mile long. He listed every nut, bolt, screw, washer, wire nut, phase tape, on and on and on...

    How do you folks handle the small stuff on your invoices?


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    I do it the way you do, big stuff gets itemized little stuff gets lumped in and there is always an amount that is billed out as Misc or Hardware or something like that. I could never keep track of every nut, bolt, fender washer, concrete anchor, strut strap, wood screw, machine screw, and so on..... I'd go nuts.
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    I list everything separately except I have a misc hardware category which is a catchall for nuts and bolts although expensive hardware like Tapcons are listed separately. I used to list each color of wirenut separately (they do have different costs), but now I just lump them all together. It helps that I have a computer program for making invoices that makes picking and pricing easy.

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